Clear Perspective Counseling

Our Services

At Clear Perspective Counseling, we offer a diverse range of therapeutic services tailored to meet the unique needs of every individual, addressing various aspects of their mental and emotional well-being. From navigating the nuanced challenges of anxiety and OCD to providing specialized support for adults, teens, and those grappling with trauma, our experienced counselors create a safe and nurturing environment where clients can explore, understand, and transform their lives both in our American Fork, Utah location and through telehealth appointments.

Adult Therapy

Embarking on a journey through Adult Therapy provides a compassionate space to navigate the complexities and challenges that adulthood may bring, ensuring an environment where emotional, personal, and professional landscapes are explored with skilled guidance. This therapeutic voyage not only seeks to unravel and understand the threads of past experiences but also to weave a future tapestry that resonates with resilience, clarity, and authentic personal alignment.

Teen Therapy

Teen Therapy offers a safe and understanding harbor where adolescents can navigate the turbulent seas of their unique challenges, exploring issues like self-esteem, peer pressure, and academic stress with the steady hand of a caring professional. By providing a non-judgmental space, it empowers teens to voice their struggles, understand their emotions, and cultivate resilience, assisting them in charting a course towards balanced mental well-being during these pivotal years.

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety Therapy provides a reassuring refuge where individuals grappling with anxiety can learn to understand, manage, and navigate through their apprehensive and tumultuous emotional states. Guided by skilled therapists, this therapeutic journey explores strategies and coping mechanisms to tame the swirling storms of anxiety, ensuring each individual finds a path toward tranquility and enhanced mental wellbeing.

OCD Therapy

OCD Therapy serves as a structured sanctuary, guiding individuals through the intricacies and challenges of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, fostering a space where cyclical thoughts and behaviors are explored and understood with empathetic expertise. This therapeutic approach not only works towards disentangling the persistent webs of compulsions and obsessions but also aims to build strategies that pave the way for a life characterized by reduced anxiety and enhanced control.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy provides a gentle and secure space where individuals can navigate through the shadows of their past, addressing and healing from experiences that have left deep emotional imprints. In this supportive environment, individuals are guided skillfully through their healing journey, exploring and understanding their traumas while cultivating resilience and empowering them towards a future unburdened by their painful memories.


Scrupulosity Therapy offers a compassionate and understanding space for individuals who find themselves entwined in the meticulous web of moral and religious obsessions, providing guidance to navigate through the perplexing pathways of stringent self-expectations and fears. In this therapeutic context, clients explore and challenge their rigid, perfectionistic beliefs under the gentle guidance of a skilled professional, paving the way towards a balanced, liberated experience of their moral and faith journey.